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Detox-Active Oxygen Treatment

Type: Face Masks

The active oxygen treatment is part of a specific detoxifying/energizing program for epidermal awakening that is very transversal with respect to ages and skin types and works like an advanced, latest generation cosmetic: in fact, as soon as it is applied on the face, its super-innovative texture begins the transformation phase, creating a uniform and very pleasant mousse on the skin, through a very natural process generated by contact with the air.
This "foam" with prodigious purifying and re-energizing properties reaches the end of the effervescence in just 5 minutes and, during this time, promotes the elimination of toxins deposited on the face and reawakens the intense original luminosity of the complexion.

HOW TO APPLY: Periodic detox treatment. After carefully cleansing the skin, dispense the gel onto your hand (at least 5-6 doses) and spread it in an even layer over the entire face; the product will begin its transformation creating a uniform and very pleasant mousse; leave the active oxygen treatment to act in relaxation for about 3-5 minutes, until the perception of "effervescence" disappears and then massage with broad gestures to make the active ingredients penetrate better; finally rinse thoroughly. Complete with the silky day cream or in any case with the cream best suited to your skin/age.
Periodic treatment: 1-2 times a week.