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Deep Hydration Serum

Type: Siero Viso

Hydrogel with a light consistency and rapid absorption. It gives immediate hydration and a pleasant sensation of freshness. Rich in hydrating active ingredients.
Ideal for all skin types, especially those that need more hydration.

Use: Apply small drops to the forehead, cheeks and chin, distribute over the entire face with delicate circular movements. When the serum is still slightly damp, pat the skin until completely absorbed, to promote skin microcirculation.
Extra advice: for an even better hydrating result, apply to the face before the 24-hour moisturizing cream.
Format: 30 ml Airless
NB. Airless bottles are the most technological way to manage the latest generation dermocosmetics. That is, these are containers with a vacuum system, which allows the contents to be dispensed without letting it come into contact with the air.