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Immediate revitalizing filler serum

Type: Siero Viso

Much more than a primer, much better than a serum; an intensive anti-aging with high technological innovation, winning against the signs of time. Very highly assimilable serum, very concentrated and extremely sensorial, which intervenes in an extraordinary way on skin regeneration. An advanced filler serum, where active ingredients, structure and texturizers work synergistically to promote immediate surface results and a long-lasting deep action. The sensation of smooth and cohesive skin is wonderful to the touch.

HOW TO APPLY: Intensive anti-aging treatment. After carefully cleansing the skin, apply all over the face, including the eye contour, every morning; perfect alone or as a base for the coordinated cream.
For an even more intensive action, repeat the application in the evening.
It absorbs instantly.
Recommended minimum consecutive use period, for optimal performance on correct cell turnover: 4 weeks.
Immediate assimilation formulation: it should be spread and not massaged.
Highly concentrated product: in summer, during the day, never use alone, but always follow with the application of a specific facial sunscreen.