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Gold Splendor Mask


Ultra-sensory, precious and enveloping mask, with an immediate plumping effect: it is a pure beauty treatment, to restore vitality to marked or otherwise demanding epidermal tissues. It relaxes, revitalizes and plumps the features: its special "Cinderella" effect generates a surprising improvement after each application, even the first. When applied, it adapts to the face with a uniform layer that does not drip and gradually releases the active ingredients. Upon awakening, intensely regenerated, velvety and homogeneous skin: a real shot of youth.

HOW TO APPLY: Sublime beauty treatment. Particularly suitable for evening use in order to carry out its action during sleep, the most favorable moment for skin cell exchanges.
Apply a thick layer on face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes; then remove only the excess with a tissue and leave the remaining product to act all night, like a normal cream.
If used during the day, or in any case for those who prefer non-sleeping use even in the evening: remove it with compresses soaked in a balancing thermal tonic and proceed with the application of your usual cream based on your skin type and/or age.
Frequency of use: once/twice a week. The presence of any lumps disappears by mixing the product and warming it on the hands or near heat sources.