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Instant glowing skin lotion


Very light lotion with micro-exfoliating action: non-alcoholic, purifies, smoothes and promotes healthy skin turnover after evening cleansing. Its multi-active formula, which rehydrates while removing dry and devitalized skin cells, makes it a targeted anti-aging gesture: it completes a very deep cleansing up to cell renewal, reveals new luminosity on the complexion and gives the face a refined and refined texture. new youth. Evening anti-aging treatment. Without parabens.

HOW TO APPLY: Daily evening treatment and/or periodic treatment as desired. Dab with a cotton compress on perfectly cleansed and dry face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour, as if it were a normal tonic, therefore without rinsing; continue with the most suitable treatments according to your skin/age. For all skin types:

normal/combination, dry and mature skin, daily evening application;
fragile/sensitive skin, apply every other day or as needed.