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Hortense - Eau de Parfum

by Rancè
Type: Profumo

Spicy Oriental
Hortense, daughter of Joséphine and mother of Napoleon III, was beautiful, seductive and intelligent. Blue eyes and golden hair, she smelled of the flowers of Holland, of which she was queen, and of the spices of the countries she dreamed of.

A bold composition of spicy and mysterious notes, enriched with a warm and sensual base, creating a lively and irresistible aromatic adventure. Expression of an exuberant personality, the bouquet debuts and seduces with spicy notes of cardamom, pepper and bergamot, then leading to tasty accents of Ceylon cinnamon, Lebanese cedar, Bulgarian rose, incense: precious notes that still today evoke hints of Overseas and trace the routes of an intriguing olfactory map. The warm base of woods, incense and vanilla lights up in the rich brilliance of spices. Heir to the Rancé tradition of excellence, the Eau de Parfum adds a new note dedicated to a sophisticated and charming woman.

The olfactory pyramid
Cardamom, Pepper, Bergamot
Cinnamon, Bulgarian Rose, Incense
Cedar wood, mahogany, vanilla