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Colored photoprotection SPF 50+

Type: Crema viso

Colored photoprotection is a very innovative cosmetic conceived
with a selected platform of high protection filters,
a very light natural beige texture that can be modulated on all skin tones,
with an "impalpable" and velvety touch, which "disappears into the skin", and a very delicate fragrance.
It is configured in all respects as a high protection specification: it is a full face shield
which protects against premature aging (photo-aging, free radicals and pigmentation spots),
controls the shiny effect and evens out the skin's appearance, sublimating and illuminating not only the complexion but also any subsequent make-up.

HOW TO APPLY: Dry-touch multi-protection treatment.
In the morning, after thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply on the face and neck alone or afterwards
the usual daily cream,
depending on the type of skin and/or the season/temperature.
Excellent make-up base, thanks to its long-lasting mattifying effect.
Always shake well before use.