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Fior di Salina-OleoScrub for the body

Type: Scrub

Thanks to this do-it-yourself treatment, the mind and body rediscover a dimension of well-being, a calm comparable to that felt among the aquatic expanses of a Mediterranean salt pan. Precisely from here comes the main ingredient of this recipe, sea salt, which, through massage, carries out an exfoliating action giving the skin a smooth and regenerated appearance. A moment of authentic well-being to allow yourself to find yourself regenerated and animated by new energy.

Without silicones, parabens and petrolatum
99% ingredients of natural origin
The remaining percentage of ingredients guarantees stability and pleasantness of the product.

Recommendations for use:

Mix the product with the appropriate spatula, contained in the package, to make it homogeneous. Apply to dry skin (or slightly wet for a more delicate action) and massage into the body, rinsing afterwards with warm water. It is recommended to carry out the treatment twice a week.

Do not use the product on irritated skin.