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Enchanting Elixir

Type: Face Serum

Innovative hydro-gel, melting on the skin and pleasantly fresh and sensorial, which hydrates and gives, upon application, an extreme radiance that lasts for hours. It is a liquid beauty essence, perfect for revitalizing, illuminating and perfecting the skin. Its special illuminating micro-spheres "break" during dispensing and beautifully sublimate any subsequent make-up, giving the emotion of seeing yourself with an instantly renewed, younger and brighter face. Excellent make-up base with an intensifying effect.

HOW TO APPLY: Sublime beauty treatment. In the morning, after having carefully cleansed the skin, spread the product over the entire face and décolleté, completely dry and clean, with a light massage.
It absorbs instantly.
Proceed with the application of the usual cream depending on your skin type and age and, if desired, make-up.