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Super thirst-quenching ecocrema

Type: Crema viso

The super thirst-quenching eco-cream develops a very delicate and pleasant long-lasting hydrating barrier on the skin which, in addition to being a water reserve for the cells, also protects it from sudden changes in temperature and harmful agents present in the atmosphere.
It has a daily emollient and remineralising action, restores the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis and preserves its elasticity and healthy appearance.
The addition of UV filters against both type A and B radiation also makes it effective in combating free radicals and the damage caused by premature aging that could result from it.
BENEFITS: Intensely hydrated skin, prolonged comfort, high assimilation
TEXTURE: Soft and velvety cream
SKIN TYPE: Ideal for normal to dry skin.

HOW TO APPLY: Daily treatment. 24 hour cream: apply morning and evening after correct cleansing.
Distribute over face and neck with light upward movements.
Excellent base for make-up.
It does not need to be massaged for long because it absorbs quickly.