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Diamante - Room Spray


Simone Andreoli's abstract concept of perfume and the innovative vocation of Teatro Fragranze Uniche have resulted in a fragrance that evokes sensations of transparency, crystallinity and sensuality, through abstract and dusty, rare and precious, unique and contemporary notes.
“DIAMANTE – Scent of Art” borders on the universe of conceptual perfume: it does not lead back to any odor present in nature but amazes, surprises and captures the senses, transforming the environment into something that goes beyond.
The goal was to create a fragrance as unique as the stone from which it takes inspiration.
The spray gun is available in 500 ml format and can also be used as a refill.

Olfactory Pyramid
TOP NOTES: Sugar crystals, Amber powder, Safranal.
HEART NOTES: Amber extreme accord, ambrinol, Galaxolide.
BASE NOTES: Karmawood, Amberwood, Timbertouch, Cedarwood, Siberian Fir.