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Sublime revitalizing night cream

Type: Face cream

Extra-luxury night cream with intensive anti-aging and restructuring action. It revitalizes, intensely nourishes, stimulates night-time cellular recovery and relaxes the skin upon awakening. Targeted and deep thanks to highly concentrated plant active ingredients and molecules capable of "swelling" with water, it is specific for marked wrinkles and advanced signs of aging. Its melting texture envelops the skin all night long in infinite pleasure and a sublime fragrance: a poly-sensoriality that enters the dimension of luxury.

HOW TO APPLY: Intensive anti-aging night treatment. Apply every evening to the entire face and décolleté, after thorough cleansing.
To maximize the anti-aging effects, precede by applying the coordinated serum from the same line.
Recommended minimum consecutive use period, for optimal performance on correct cell turnover: 4 weeks.
Highly assimilable formulation: the texture is specifically designed to be applied and does not need to be massaged for long; it absorbs quickly.