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Redensifying Night Cream-Infusion

Type: Face cream

Multi-restructuring night cream for an experience that envelops the senses and gives incomparable results. Its luxurious texture with very high bioavailability as soon as it is applied recharges the skin with intense nourishment and vitality, against wrinkles, dehydration, dull complexion and loss of density. It actively combats skin aging thanks to autophagy, the very powerful cellular self-cleaning process capable of reprogramming the cell's life cycle and prolonging its self-renewal capacity, for a surprising rejuvenated skin effect. The face awakens in the morning with the precious splendor of youth.
Well aging. Without silicones. Without parabens. Bio-revitalizing effect.

Ideal for all skin types.

HOW TO APPLY : Well aging redensifying/retexturizing night treatment. Apply generously every evening to the entire face, after thorough cleansing. To enhance the rejuvenating effect, always use in combination with the REDENSIFYING DAY CREAM-INFUSION and LIFT NECK & DÉCOLLETÉ CREAM-INFUSION.