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Detox Day Cream

Type: Face cream

Instantly absorbed and extraordinarily sensorial day cream-gel with a surprising "cloud" texture, which excites with its consistency and freshness. It hydrates and protects the skin from environmental and urban aggressions with an innovative mix of active ingredients aimed at anti-stress, detoxifying and anti-fatigue effects. Transversal from younger to more mature skin, it has prodigious energetic properties that make it perfect against the weakening of the skin conditioned by aggressive exposures and frenetic rhythms.

HOW TO APPLY: Day detox treatment. In the morning, after thorough cleansing, spread over the entire face with a very light massage; penetrates instantly. Excellent make-up base. Ideal not only as a regular cream, but also as a cyclical "tonic", in moments of particular epidermal stress or excess, even for young skin but temporarily dull or impoverished by external aggressions. Recommended minimum consecutive period of use, for a detox cycle optimal: 4 weeks. Very high assimilation formulation: the cloud texture is specifically designed to be applied and does not need to be massaged for long; it absorbs instantly.