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24H Dynamizing Cream for Men

Type: Face cream

24h cream with ultra-rapid absorption , effective thanks also to the special texture that "disappears into the skin". Specific protection and revitalization of men's skin, it has targeted stimulating, re-hydrating, redensifying and anti-fatigue active ingredients.
Designed for demanding skin or skin marked by premature aging, it promotes cohesion and smoothness of the tissues, is transversal from younger to more mature skin and has energetic properties against the weakening of the skin conditioned by aggressive exposures and frenetic rhythms. New generation of anti-aging men for a renewed, younger, relaxed and compact face.

HOW TO APPLY : Daily anti-aging treatment. 24 hour cream. Morning and evening, after thorough cleansing, spread over the entire face with a very light massage. The ultra-penetrating texture gives special comfort even to demanding and/or mature skin.
Recommended minimum consecutive use period for an optimal revitalizing cycle: 4 weeks.
HIGH ASSIMILATION FORMULATION : the texture is specifically designed to be applied and does not need to be massaged for long; it absorbs quickly.