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Ambraliquida Body Cream

Type: Body Creams

It is in a sheltered forest of Liquidambar orientalis that the coastal wind, the irreverent Meltem wakes up with its warm breath the red and gold leaves asleep on the ground: with their dry aroma it blends unexpected breaths of honey and spices, stolen from the far souk. Thus was born the Ambraliquida perfume, a persuasive fragrance that invests this Body Cream with all its Byzantine aura, in which the colorful gifts of the vast land of Turkey appear. Alongside the emollient Pistachio and Cocoa butters, we find the yellow gold of the nourishing Pistachio and Sesame oils and the Liquidambar orientalis extracts which, with their amber-red shade, protect and tone the epidermis of the entire body.

Without silicones, parabens and petrolatum
96% ingredients of natural origin
The remaining percentage of ingredients guarantees stability and pleasantness of the product.