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Night Booster Cream

Type: Face cream

Velvety and sensorial night cream . It stimulates skin renewal in its most active moment , deep sleep and improves the skin's ability to self-clean from toxins and recover night after night. In the morning the face appears reborn and rejuvenated, with a radiant, fresher and more rested complexion. Innovative and transversal from younger to more mature skin, it has prodigious energetic and anti-fatigue properties which make it perfect against the weakening of the skin conditioned by aggressive exposures and frenetic rhythms.

HOW TO APPLY : Night detox treatment. In the evening, after thorough cleansing, apply all over the face with a light massage. Extremely re-comfortable, it envelops the skin with a caress of intense pleasure throughout the night, creating a very soft film on it which favors the optimal diffusion of the active ingredients during sleep, the moment of maximum epidermal assimilation, and accompanies rest with a fragrance with a green and purifying breath. Ideal not only as a regular cream, but also as a cyclical "tonic", in moments of particular epidermal stress or excess, even for young skin but temporarily dull or impoverished by external aggressions.
Minimum recommended consecutive period of use for an optimal detox cycle: 4 weeks.