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Plant stem cell cream

Type: Crema viso

The plant stem cell cream is conceived in all respects as a real 24-hour anti-age: it gradually revitalizes and re-densifies the structure of the facial skin, giving it back, with continuous use, the characteristics of elasticity and softness of a younger skin; stimulates the relaunch of the profound mechanisms of epidermal regeneration; It immediately infuses, from the very first applications, intense nourishment and smoothness.
With regular and continuous use, progressive improvement of the signs of aging and a visibly rejuvenated face in appearance and touch. Specific anti-aging treatment.

HOW TO APPLY: Daily anti-aging treatment. 24 hour cream. Apply morning and evening after correct cleansing with a light massage, until completely absorbed, on the entire face, including the delicate area around the eyes and the décolleté.
Precede by applying the matching serum. Thanks to the highly assimilable formula, it is an excellent base for long-lasting make-up.
It does not need to be massaged for long because it absorbs quickly.
Recommended minimum consecutive use period for optimal performance: 4 weeks.
Formulation with high sensoriality and assimilation