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Eye contour with plant stem cells

Type: Eye contour

The eye contour with plant stem cells is designed to all intents and purposes as a true anti-aging agent that intervenes at various levels of epidermal regeneration: it intensely revitalizes and restructures the very delicate skin of the area around the eyes, immediately restoring its elasticity and new cohesion ; it has a high hydrating power, fundamental for this type of skin which is very fragile, thin and constantly exposed to external aggressions; counteracts the appearance of signs of fatigue throughout the day, refreshing the gaze which thus acquires new brightness and a younger appearance; It specifically and effectively attenuates expressive features and fine wrinkles or "crow's feet" that form even early in this sensitive epidermal area.
Excellent makeup base. Its particularly comfortable and very quickly absorbed texture is also ideal for eyes wearing contact lenses.
Specific anti-aging treatment.

HOW TO APPLY : Daily anti-aging treatment. Morning and evening, after having carried out a thorough cleansing, lightly tap from the inside to the outside of the area around the eyes; the special texture facilitates immediate absorption.
Perfect in combination with stem cell cream and serum from the same anti-aging line. It absorbs instantly.
Recommended minimum consecutive use period for optimal performance: 4 weeks.
Formulation with high sensoriality and assimilation.