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Triphasic Cellulite Concentrate

Type: Body Creams

Double shock lipolytic and draining action

3-phase oil-aqueous concentrate to treat cellulite on 3 synergistic fronts: localized subcutaneous fats (lipolytic action), superficial microcirculation (draining action) and prevention of new blemishes. The innovative fulcrum is its new highly sensorial texture: rich, smooth and satiny, but at the same time light and highly absorbable, it represents a clear improvement over standard formulas because it intensely nourishes while it treats, it is express, non-greasy, non-staining and allows you to get dressed right away. With use: redefined silhouette, visibly smoother skin with reduced fat deposits and the intense pleasure of recomfort and immediate luminosity.

HOW TO APPLY : Cellulite treatment.

  1. Shake well the bottle before use For mix the 3 phases .
  2. Pour the mixed product a small doses in the palm of your hand and apply it directly to well-cleansed skin, spreading it over the entire desired area and at the same time performing a very light circular and ascending massage.
  3. The wording is also excellent for the subsequent use of shorts compression or otherwise shapewear for the night or for sports .
  4. For extensive or recurrent cellulite  intensive treatment : daily application morning and evening on the affected areas, for at least 6/8 weeks for maximum effectiveness;
  5. For initial/moderate cellulite  maintenance : daily application, preferably in the evening, the moment of maximum accumulation of toxins.